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首页 > 商务会议 > 医疗医学会议 > 2019数字医疗与医药营销创新峰会(上海)Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 更新时间:2018-12-21T14:44:46

2019数字医疗与医药营销创新峰会(上海)Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit

2019数字医疗与医药营销创新峰会(上海)Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 已截止报名

会议时间:2019-03-21 08:00至 2019-03-22 18:00结束

会议地点: 上海  上海豫园万丽酒店  上海 黄浦区 河南南路159号


主办单位: 上海会朗商务咨询有限公司

推荐会议:GMIC 2019 广州 全球移动互联网大会(超序之美)

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        会议内容 主办方介绍

        2019数字医疗与医药营销创新峰会(上海)Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit

        2019数字医疗与医药营销创新峰会(上海)Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit宣传图

        17+  Distinguished speakers to share their insights

        30+  Case studies from world-class top brands

        200+  Marketing and communication professionals to network


        Interweaving with big data, the Internet starts its time of digital marketing. It is researched that digitization has deeply penetrated daily behaviors of doctors and patients in China.

        With the traditional marketing methods faced with its situation of depression, which is as cold as winter, there is still a little time difference between the rise of pharmaceutical industry´s online marketing and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) since the significant disparity with common fast-moving consumer goods on aspects of products, distribution channels, target groups. How will pharmaceutical industry embrace digital marketing in this round of wave represented by digital innovation? What is the current situation of pharmaceutical companies like? What problems and troubles did they meet in the process of development? Are there any successful implementation cases? What will the development trend be like in the future?

        In this session, we will focus on

        Pharmaceutical companies’ transformation, development trend and perspective about the prospect

        How pharmaceutical companies can innovate digital communication tools and management platforms

        Successful cases of digital marketing strategy concentrating on patients

        Exploration of methods to digital marketing and the accurate marketing channel

        Exploration of innovative business model and the best solution

        Based on the advanced information technology and big data, how pharmaceutical companies can achieve its expected effects and the maximum ROI of pharma´s transformation to digitalization by combining the company´s features and product attributes with it


        Why Should Attend?

        Optimizing your organization’s digital footprint

        Utilizing the right digital outlets to communicate with your audience

        Understanding emerging new media trends such as WeChat, on/offline integration, Omni-channel, co-marketing etc.

        Using social media, public relations, and advertising to create the “right” approach

        Leveraging your audience to build brand advocates and fuel word of mouth campaigns

        Better understanding of big data and how to analyze and put the results into action

        Crafting new strategies to bring your strategy and campaigns to the next level

        Who Should Attend?

        GM, VP, Directors and managers with responsibilities in :

        Digital Marketing

        Interactive Marketing

        Mobile Marketing

        Online Marketing



        Public Relations

        Customer Relations

        Social CRM

        Social Business

        Social Community

        Crisis Management






        上海会朗商务咨询有限公司 上海会朗商务咨询有限公司

        Master-land商务咨询是一家为世界各地的企业高管提供量身定制的专业培训,实际会议和商业咨询服务的商业信息公司,涉及法律、采购、供应链、物流、仓库、研发、EHS和营销领域等等方面。 Master-land每年组织超过50场活动,与大部分世界1000强公司的高层经理一起提高他们的商业战略,满足他们的学习和培训需求。并且我们在不断快速成长。 我们的秘方是容易理解客户的需求,并产生良好的客户服务质量事件。 我们邀请领先企业的管理者,行业决策者和创新者在我们的活动中分享他们的智慧,最佳商业实践和新技术。我们致力于为我们的客户提供即刻可用的前沿信息。我们不断研究和聆听所有行业以保证我们提供的商业智慧是及时和前沿的。 所有我们的活动都是由我们专业的人员经过仔细研究并由我们强大的市场和销售团队进行推广以保证参加者、演讲者和赞助商的期望不仅得到满足,而且是超出的。我们信奉和绝大多数的创新和有远见的组织保持良好的长期伙伴关系。


        Day-1 Day-2


        Day-1 (Thursday, March 21)

        Opportunity & Challenge (external Environment & Policy)

        9:00-9:05 Opening of the Moderator


        Empowering China Pharma Business Growth through Digital Sales 2.0

        China faces a unique combination of challenges including healthcare budget constraints, long distances, compliance, remote access & infrastructure, making cost-effective accessibility a concern. However, the recent AIML technology and healthcare big data boom in China have shed lights on these barriers and ensured that innovative tech solutions are coming along. We unveil the latest in ‘virtual reps’ technology to ensure effective and efficient HCP engagements enabled by customer 360 profiles and precision targeting engine.

        Kings Wang,Senior Director, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Head of Contract Sales & Medical Services, IQVIA Greater China


        In the era of compliance, how to do better government affairs communication under the strategy of big health

        Qing XI, Sr. Director, Government Affairs, Market Access & Communications, Pfizer China

        10:15-10:45  Coffee Break


        How technology innovation will improve outcomes for patients living with neurological conditions

         Aaron Tian, Head  of Neuroscience Patient Innovation China,UCB


        Digital Health Solutions

        Chinese consumers are highly receptive of digital commerce and the latest innovations. However, digital technologies haven't significantly transformed or disrupted the healthcare industry thus far. This presentation will look at the current pain points in chronic disease management and technology readiness, and talk about how to create better offerings, gather insights and improve patient outcomes.

        John Ma, Senior Marketing Director, Strategic Planning and Commercial Innovation,Novo Nordisk

        12:15-13:15 Lunch Break


        Compliance following and digitalization ahead, changes and the unchanged in the marketing innovation of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises

        Moderator :Roger Liu, Commercial Strategy & Excellence Vice President,AstraZeneca China
        Marie CHAVANON, Head of Customer Innovation,Sanofi
        Eva Liu,Marketing Director-Public Segment,GE Healthcare
        Tianhong Tan,General Retail Manage,JD Pharma

        Declan Rooney, Senior Director, Self Care Franchise Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson

        Lu Yabin ,IT Functional Leadership, BCL-BS-IT-ITFL,Bayer (China) Ltd

        Angela Xu,Chief Marketing Officer,Eli Lilly and Company


        Open Innovation – challenges and opportunities to adapt to the digital landscape

        While historically corporate innovation efforts have been siloed within research labs and boardrooms, in today’s rapidly moving environment, companies cannot afford to keep their closed models and have to reach beyond traditional borders to improve the speed, quality and cost of innovation. This presentation will look at the challenges and opportunities of Open Innovation in MNCs and how to drive it

        Marie CHAVANON, Head of CustomerInnovation,Sanofi

        15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


        How digital marketing enable medical device business and precision health?

        Nowadays in the digital era, when we talk about digitalmarketing, we are talking about not only cost control, more coverage or better ROI, but also the commitment of making a difference to customers’ outcome.. This speech is sharing some digital marketing practice and digital tools, focusing on customers’ challenge in the journey of precision health, which leads to win-win outcomes for medical device business.

        Eva Liu,Marketing Director-Public Segment,GE Healthcare


        Explore a new patient-centered business model

        Kevin Li,VP, Emerging Market CIO at GSK


        Digital Innovations in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing: how to create 360 degree view and combine with classical non-digital innovations

         In this talk we discuss Digital Innovations in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing and how to create 360 degree view and combine with classical non-digital innovations. It is very important to coordinate digital innovations with non-digital activities, field force, sampling, and other programs. We also discuss challenges of this integration and how to create a perfect coordination to achieve results.”

        Igor Rudychev, PhD, MBA (Booth),Sr. Director, Insights and Analytics–Hematology & FaslodexAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals


        Day-2 (Friday, March 22)

        The landing of pharmaceutical companies´ digital marketing (strategies)


        Customer acquisition and conversion has become one of the biggest challenges in medical industry

        * How medical enterprises cope with OTC Marketing in this mobile social era, solving problems of data connection, omni-channel acquisition, PC to Mobile acquisition solution, activation, retention through factory, dealer, store and customer?

        * How prescription and medical instruments increase key decision maker’s visits, acquisition efficiency, share of mental and purchase priority of specialists and doctors in prescription and medical instruments?

        * When the era of mobile social is coming, how Martech and SCRM can help medical sellers?

        BesChannel has served Bayer, Shineway, WuXi App Tec, AB Cochlea, 111 Yao, Evercare and the whole industry chain, which will bring you four methods of digital marketing in medical industry for 2019.

        Davis Pang,Founder & COO of BesChannels


        Drive the combination of medical health field and Internet technology ,to create an innovation patient health management service model with comprehensive , life-cycle integrated

        Summer Xia,Meta Franchise Head,Novartis

        10:30-10:50 Coffee Break


        Cost effectiveness control of multi-channel marketing

        Catherine Yu, Marketing Director, MerckGroup


        Consumer goods for health under the assault of e-commerce

        Veronique Baron-Wunderle,VP Marketing High Growth Market, Beckman Coulter

        12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


        The better way to win the market game in the generic drugs consistency evaluation

        market structure

        Policy is a powerful dose has started a double voice cracker of opportunity and challenge between domestic and foreign enterprises.

        Driving the marketing promotion via digital marketing ?

        Cooperating with contract sales organizations to cover the marketing gap?

        Providing an accurate medical solution with health big data ?

        Exploring a new business models?

        Moderator: Catherine Yu,Marketing Director,MerckGroup

        Summer Xia,Meta Franchise Head,Novartis

        Chen Biao,Associate Marketing Director,Johnson & Johnson Medical-DePuy Synthes

        Johnson WANG, Vice General Manager, Fosun

        Zhiquan Song, Director of Marketing, Sanofi

        Snow Gao,Commercial Excellence Head & Respiratory BU Head,GSK

        Yantao Yang ,Head of field Operatation-NIN mainland ,Nestle (China) Ltd.

        Chris Wang,Marketing Director,Roche Diagnostics


        How to create a patient-centered medical ecosystem with Internal and external collaborative innovation

        Charlie Bai, VP IT & CIO, Greater China and Korea, Eli Lilly China

        15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


        Realizing the landing of pharmaceutical companies´ digital marketing strategy by digging accurate data

        Alan Tsai,Marketing Director,Cardinal Health


        Digital practice of medical communication and doctor-consumer digital communication closed-loop marketing

        Chris Wang,Marketing Director,Roche Diagnostics

        How AI will help digital pharma marketing upgrade its efficiency

        Tianhong Tan,General Retail Manager,JD Pharma

        17:00-17:45 Panel Discussion

        How to create the closed loop of sales for pharma industry´s digital marketing?


        Cocktail Party





        会议门票 场馆介绍



        上海豫园万丽酒店 上海豫园万丽酒店



        作为万豪国际集团旗下酒店 ,上海豫园万丽酒店位于市中心,邻近著名的豫园以及古镇,距离外滩、新天地以及其它旅游景点只有几分钟的路程。毗邻的地铁10号线贯穿上海市区,几乎可以换乘所有其他地铁线路,去往上海各个主要区域。


        酒店与住宿: 为防止极端情况下活动延期或取消,建议“异地客户”与活动家客服确认参会信息后,再安排出行与住宿。
        退款规则: 活动各项资源需提前采购,购票后不支持退款,可以换人参加。



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